Slides to DVD or CD

Slides to DVD offers two methods of transferring and preserving your photographic slides: Transfer to a DVD-Video or to individual JPEG scans. If you’re satisfied with simply watching your slides on a television screen, DVD-Video will do the trick. However, if you need to edit, print, or email your slides, you have to use JPEG scans. Transferring slides to DVD or CD is a fantastic way to preserve your valued memories.

Slides to DVD-Video can transfer your slides to a DVD-Video for viewing and enjoying in your living room DVD player, or computer DVD-Video player. Using a professional Elmo slide imager that images your slides to a video steam at 480 horizontal lines of resolution, this transfer process includes exposure adjustment. Your DVD will automatically play through all the images, and each slide image will stay on the screen for about six seconds, but can be paused and viewed indefinitely using your DVD player controls. You will not be able to print, edit, or email your images using this method of transfer, and the resolution will not be as high as JPEG scanning.

Slides to DVD-Video Pricing

  • 29 cents per slide
  • Exposure adjustment for each slide
  • About 1000 slides per DVD
  • Ability to pause the DVD to study an individual slide
Slides to DVD

Slides Scanned to JPEG files can also scan your photographic slides at a high resolution of 3000 dpi. Using state-of-the-art Nikon professional equipment, these scans include color and exposure adjustment, and digital image restoration, so scratches, dust and other flaws are significantly reduced. We will then save these scanned individual image files to a data DVD (recommended) or CD. If you want to edit your images, email them, print them, or use them in video editing applications, this is the method you should choose.

Slides Scanned to JPEG Files Pricing

  • 74 cents per slide
  • 3000 dpi for outstanding clarity
  • Total control over the image, just like a digital photo

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